6 ideas to decorate the ceiling

When it's time to decorate or restyle a room, there is an element that for 99% of the cases is never taking in consideration: the ceiling. But if you think about it, the ceiling can be a great focal ... View Post

For the love of crochet

You know very well my love for crochet and how much is present with hand made items at the Happy House. Every time I post a picture on Instagram showing a crochet piece, I see that some people are ... View Post


A year ago, more or less in this same period, I wrote a post called LIVE, LOVE AND TAKE PICTURES. Taking pictures is part of my daily routine, it can be for work or just for fun, it can be with the ... View Post

Introducing Leo Libero

Back in February I shared the shooting we had at the Strijp S and so many things happened since then! The most important one is that finally baby Ambo has a name: Leo Libero {Libero in italian means ... View Post

Love my Lottas

In the past days, thanks to the giveaway I'm having on Instagram {btw, you have time until Saturday to join, click here!}, I received a lot of questions regarding the Lotta from Stockholm clogs. The ... View Post

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